The Giving Garden is a landscape design and consulting business that specializes in eco-friendly and edible gardens. Incorporating native plants into each garden design promotes and attracts native wildlife, reduces or eliminates chemical reliance, and enables one to develop a sense of identity with nature. Matching plants to their adapted light, soil, water, and temperature requirements decreases the amount of labor and costs needed to keep these plants alive and thriving in your garden. It is our goal to offer clients beautiful, natural gardens to enjoy all four seasons, installed and maintained with minimal impact on the environment.

Additionally, The Giving Garden promotes sustainable agriculture by helping you create your own vegetable garden, or by incorporating edible plants into your existing or newly created planting beds. Growing some of your own food ensures that you and your family will have access to fresh, organic food while simultaneously reducing your Carbon footprint. The Giving Garden is also available for consulting on how to store your produce so you can enjoy your harvest all winter long.

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