No Fuss Container Plantings

Gardening is therapeutic. It frees the mind and provides clarity. Most of all, it teaches patience. As gardeners, we are always waiting. Waiting for a plant to emerge in spring. Waiting for the first blooms, the ripening fruit and seeds, and the visiting wildlife. Waiting for the first leaf to turn red in autumn. Everyday is brimming with surprise and anticipation.

Choosing plants suited to your local climate is key. This means more time to enjoy the garden and less time fussing over plants. Perhaps this is why I avoid containers. Of course, container plantings are stunning additions to the garden. They are artful focal points, and add consistent color accents throughout the garden. The down side, they need constant codling.

This spring, I wanted to give containers another try. I covet Southern California gardens for their simplicity in form and natural beauty they portray. These plants thrive on ‘neglect’. They grow naturally in extremely dry, lean soils. Perfect candidates for my style of container gardening.

They even have them at Chanticleer….

Considering a ‘no fuss’ container? Succulents, grasses and forbs, adapted to lean, dry soil may be the answer. Will this container make it through the heat without supplemental watering? So far, so good.  The foliage alone provides color and interest all season long. Occasional flowers are icing on the cake.  My long-held views on containers may change for good. Another lesson in patience, …learned.

Plants in my container (pictured above) include:
Blue Spruce Stonecrop (Sedum reflexum)
Creeping Stonecrop (Sedum spathulifolium ‘Carnea’)
Watch Chain Sedum (Sedum sexangulare)
Hens & Chicks (Sermpervivum ‘Carmen’)
Cushion Spurge (Euphorbia polychroma)


About The Giving Garden

Shane Morgan is a landscape designer specializing in eco-friendly and edible gardens. A trained ecologist, she understands how to provide clients with beautiful, natural gardens to enjoy all four seasons, installed and maintained with minimal impact on the environment. She is an avid home gardener, committed to sustainable agriculture, native plant gardens, and helping others reduce their Carbon footprint.
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2 Responses to No Fuss Container Plantings

  1. Karen says:

    Those look beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

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