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From Seed To Soup. The Evolution Of One Tasty Butternut Squash.

Once the fruits are produced in July, they rapidly mature and are ready to be picked in late August-September. They store extremely well untouched, however; this fall I decided to prepare all my squash ahead of time and store in the freezer so that I could whip up some quick and easy, delicious dishes, like coconut curry butternut squash soup, in a pinch. This soup is nutritious and tasty, and it chases aways the winter duldrums. Continue reading

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What Makes A Well Drained Garden? Adding Leeks Of Course.

Potatoes are also easy to grow, but having nowhere to store them, I decided to make soup and freeze it so that we could enjoy it throughout the winter. The first recipe I tried was a savory success. It combined a few homegrown ingredients, leeks and potatoes, as well as some dried chile’s that I had on hand from last years harvest, living up to its nickname of poor man’s soup. Continue reading

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I Say Tomato; You say Tomatillo

While it’s difficult to think of a more rewarding plant than the tomato, the beloved green tomato well known in Mexican cuisine (aka the tomatillo pronounced toe-ma-tia) takes a close second. One of the best uses of the tomatillo is Salsa Verde (Green Salsa). It’s simple to make, easy to can using the water bath method, and tastes amazing. Continue reading

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In A Pickle? What To Do With All Those Cucumbers.

Whoever coined the term ‘lazy days of summer’ must not have been a vegetable gardener. In fact, July through September are some of the busiest days. Not only are the bugs out reaping havoc, the food is coming in droves. Additionally, if you grow enough to store over the winter, long, hot days of canning, freezing, and dehydrating lie ahead. Vacationing becomes complicated when you are anticipating ripening crops. Recently returning from a three-day trip to New York, I was greeted by dozens of ripe cucumbers. Really, what does one do with such a bountiful harvest? Continue reading

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Honoring The Potager. Pot-a-what?

News flash. Vegetables are in vogue. Not only at fancy gardens like Longwood Gardens and Chanticleer, but in our very own yards. The best way to capture the spirit of garden design, while also providing lots of tasty food using organic practices, – the potager. Pot-a-what? Continue reading

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