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Ode to Coastal Plants

Located at the southernmost tip of New Jersey, Cape May Point is not only a fabulous place to enjoy the ocean, but this tiny beach town is home to tons of wildlife. Home of Cape May Point State Park, a prime destination for viewing birds, butterflies, dragonflies (swarms actually), ghost crabs, painted turtles, and bottlenose dolphin. If you are craving more wildlife, just a small bike trip north of Cape May Point lies The South Cape May Meadows Preserve, a newly restored coastal ecosystem managed by the Nature Conservancy. Both places are well-known to avid birders, but they are a haven for plant lovers as well.
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Short, But Sweet: Fragrance for the Spring Garden

Spring has come, and left me with little time to blog. This is a short, but sweet homage to some of my favorite fragrant plants. They are delightful additions to any Spring garden, especially for you fragrance enthusiasts. Continue reading

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Jasminum nudiflorum

Buttery yellow February blooms. Classified as a woody shrub, it will layer and root on its own, but in my experience it is easy to control. Continue reading

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