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I Say Tomato; You say Tomatillo

While it’s difficult to think of a more rewarding plant than the tomato, the beloved green tomato well known in Mexican cuisine (aka the tomatillo pronounced toe-ma-tia) takes a close second. One of the best uses of the tomatillo is Salsa Verde (Green Salsa). It’s simple to make, easy to can using the water bath method, and tastes amazing. Continue reading

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In A Pickle? What To Do With All Those Cucumbers.

Whoever coined the term ‘lazy days of summer’ must not have been a vegetable gardener. In fact, July through September are some of the busiest days. Not only are the bugs out reaping havoc, the food is coming in droves. Additionally, if you grow enough to store over the winter, long, hot days of canning, freezing, and dehydrating lie ahead. Vacationing becomes complicated when you are anticipating ripening crops. Recently returning from a three-day trip to New York, I was greeted by dozens of ripe cucumbers. Really, what does one do with such a bountiful harvest? Continue reading

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Apples and Pumpkins, Perfect Together.

Looking for ideas on what to make for Thanksgiving? Why not combine two local, readily available fall fruits for a treat the whole family will enjoy. Continue reading

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